A molecule similar to Sodium Bicarbonate is postulated as an ally for the fight against Alzheimer's disease. - Jacobson, Steinberg & Goldman
A molecule similar to Sodium Bicarbonate is postulated as an ally for the fight against Alzheimer's disease.
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Sep 01 2018

A molecule similar to Sodium Bicarbonate is postulated as an ally for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

  • In the reformulation of this well-known product could be one of the keys to the improvement in neuronal connectivity.
  • In case of obtaining satisfactory results, a surprising cost of active material not exceeding $ 12 USA (twelve) / year per user is expected.


The researcher Elías Azulay, recently awarded at the AEDEM International Congress for the application of the eDNA algorithm in the Early Warning of Alzheimer’s disease, is preparing the research project that will work with the hypothesis of using a formulation of this well-known product with the objective of measuring the possible cognitive and functional improvements in Alzheimer’s patients and other pathologies.

Azulay has been a technological partner of the world’s largest producer of sodium bicarbonate for more than 12 years and claims to know the enormous breadth of applications it has.


The researcher tells us … “We believe that this molecule, by crossing the blood-brain barrier, could help to balance the interneural gradient, facilitating the release of certain neurotransmitters by generating contributions to the ion channels. In addition, it also has a complementary descaling action that could be very interesting”.


The project has several phases. In the initial stage, a control group will be monitored to observe, if necessary, specific cognitive and functional improvements in the patients. In later stages and according to the results, we would already work under exclusively clinical conditions in the search for that particular molecule that did not contribute unwanted side effects.

The researcher comments that “The molecule sought is not exactly that of Baking soda. What we want is to find a formulation that maintains its advantageous characteristics but without having its side effects. Given the nature of this product, the ease of its acquisition and its reduced cost, we must warn that no one should proceed with its intake without medical supervision, since in specific cases, overdoses or intakes continued over time, could trigger complications”.


Azulay tells us that … “Although at the moment we can not guarantee specific concentrations in certain tissues such as the brain in this case, maintaining the absence of toxicity of the original molecule and its natural origin we can predict that it will be a simple measure, but not exempt from certain precautions.”


Azulay insists that “Among these precautions is to monitor blood pressure in cases of people with hypertension, in addition to maintaining a difference of 2 hours in the intake with other medications, not because of their biochemical interaction, but because this bicarbonate derivative could affect the film that covers the medication administered, since it must be eliminated by gastric acids to ensure proper release and sodium bicarbonate would reduce that much-needed acidity”.

He also tells us that he is unaware of the existence of research that links the use of bicarbonate with the absence of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, but that on paper and only on a theoretical level, this hopeful correlation could occur.

The research to be carried out in successive stages is ambitious since at a more advanced stage it would be necessary to prepare a transporter that directs the assigned dose in a personalized and precise way to the specific area of ​​the brain, just as many drugs do at present.


The researcher tells us that “As you can see, if in the first phases we obtain positive results, it will be necessary to assign resources that allow the participation of professionals in different disciplines”.


Asked about the reason for anticipating this news, Azulay tells us that “This communication should not encourage the idea of ​​having a solution for this pathology. We want to do the tests with the maximum guarantees and in a consensual manner with various groups. It is only a first step in a race of many thousands of kilometers.”

“By anticipating our hypothesis we facilitate that, in the case of giving satisfactory results, this application remains affordable to any pocket, avoiding that a rise in the price of the product is generated, which should be limited to the surprising figure of $ 1.00 USA / month for sick person”.

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