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Nov 11 2019

A universal algorithm that for first time measures how people are and how they react

A Spanish company has developed a universal algorithm, which they called eDNA (Emotional DNA), who with a “personalized, preventive and accurate” method you get to know how a person is, how they will react and predict how their behavior will be.

In this way it’s measured for first time the emotional behavior through a specific pattern covering more than 36,900 million emotional combinations, rather than shuffling rhetorical concepts with unspecific magnitudes as “much, normal, little or nothing”.

Elias Azulay, CEO of Jacobson, Steinberg & Goldman and creator of this tool explained to EFE Agency that this is “a small revolution” after decades in which aspects of behavior have crossed psychiatry “sometimes  with insufficient stringency” in marketing, business management or recruitment processes.

For it not to stay in “a simple test and relativistic results”, Azulay has indicated that he worked with different scientists and has compiled the most recent bibliography about neurotransmitters.

To a neurotransmitter mixed action it corresponds a behavior and it’s “value”, he said, is to link the answers of a test (The test of the Canadian psychiatrist Eric Bernstein and his seven essential records) with the existing bibliography of neurotransmitters to “give a numerical value and cross the data to find the “fingerprint” –behavior- of each person”.

“It’s the first time that you can use a single test with a tight numerical pattern that gives us an interpretation with a security rate and high precision”, pointed Azulay, who added that “of 300,000 tests performed only two have been returned, which shows that it’s difficult to trick the test”.

Among the great advantages of eDNA we find that one of them it’s the agility when obtaining the results and their conclusions (In just 5 minutes), the ease of use (with a test of 59 simple questions) and the precision when it associates the numerical pattern to the present and future behavior.

Companies, universities and colleges have started to ask for their own eDNA codes to manage their collectives within their personal and professional development.

For now, you can request Business report (knowledge and development of professional skills), Learning report (university and educational guidance), Behavior report (social and relational skills) and Science report (early warning of behavioral and emotional disorders).

According to the CEO of the company, the wide spectrum of eDNA utilities “increases, and for the time now it’s been used as university guidance, to create efficient team works, to determine professional skills and social risks (such as crime or abuse) and consumption habits.

“What we do is interpreting the data and see the usefulness of emotional DNA,” said Azulay, who has been a general project tutor of Genoma Spain.

Source: EFE Agency

Elías Azulay
Jacobson, Steinberg & Goldman
+34 670 78 17 17

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